The RIWC 2021 Exhibition

Who are the participants at RIWC 2021?

The ambition is to be a global platform, motor, and steppingstone for rehabilitation to continue moving societies. We expect 2,500 participants from all around the world. The anticipated distribution is 25% from Denmark, 15% from other Scandinavian countries, 15% from rest of Europe, 25% from Asia and 6% from Northern America.

The participants are rehabilitation professionals from different specialized fields and policy makers from private and public rehabilitation organizations from various countries. You will also meet various experts from research fields within rehabilitation, and stakeholders from national and global NGO’s.

As a unique feature, the Virtual Exhibition and other specific congress content will be made accessible (for free) for non-congress participants. These options will be shared with specific partners and stakeholders.

Online conference

Although RIWC 2021 is moving online, the interest in new solutions and technology that can support rehabilitation initiatives has never been larger in the rehabilitation community.

Therefore, we want the RIWC 2021 Exhibition to showcase rehabilitation technologies and their important role within different fields of rehabilitation. We will do this by making use of an interactive online Exhibition Hall and various Exhibitor Sessions that will focus on the importance of rehabilitation technology.

We want to make use the advantages of virtual attendance and therefore we expect a much larger attendance than we would be allowed with a physical conference. During the Conference, information, presentations, and instant meetings with the experts behind the technologies will only be a few clicks away. Additionally, presentations of practical use cases will be an attractive part of the official program and available for subsequent streaming via the Congress Platform.

The RIWC 2021 Exhibition wants to focus on how rehabilitation technology is evolving the future of rehabilitation on both the individual and institutional level. This agenda will be an important part of the congress which we invite companies and organizations to be a part of.

Physical Exhibition

The current plan is to also create a physical exhibition on the same venue as the congress (Aarhus Congress Center). The physical congress attendance will include all Virtual Exhibitor opportunities, so you are accessible for both online and physical attendees. There will be a limited number of physical exhibitors possible.

For more information about the possibilities as physical exhibitor, please contact Mikkel Svindt Fransgård.

Read more about exhibition options and registration.