SOS wristband for people whose health needs to be monitored during their normal routine life. These are elderly people who live alone, people who have gone through surgery or may have other health issues.


Preventive monitoring and emergency alert of critical situations.

Target group

Elderly people living alone, people with medical conditions like hypertension, people post MI or stroke, epileptics.

Impact for citizen

Prolongs independent life with medical conditions and gives security to person by self and to their caregivers.

Impact for staff

No need of 24/7 assistant, people can live at home, not in caring homes .

Economic impact

Independent living longer, no caregiver 24/7 in place needed, quick alert when something happens will give higher possibility to have medical aid asap and therefore decrease the complications which are big economical cost to healthcare.

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It is simple and does not need much time, max 30 min.

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