MultiLiving Chair is a multifunctional living chair for indoor use.
The battery gives power to the centric motor to make it possible to drive and turn.
Other motors give function to:

  • “stand-up” help,
  • Raise the chair to “eye-to-eye” level
  • Kip the seat and back to almost horizontal position (to rest)
  • Kip the seat to different positions to change seating position

The chair is designed to look like a living chair and can be configurated to the individual, both in look and functions.
The chair has a joystick and a digital dashboard to control, monitor and collect user behavior data.

The complete solution includes an electrical scooter for outdoor use, but with the same seat, so transfer from chair to scooter is done without any need for assistance.
A trailer is also available to transport scooter AND MultiLiving Chair by a normal car for longer distances.


The product is designed to give the citizen a better mobility, dignity, security and well-being as well as self-reliance.
And the health staff less work as the citizen is more self-reliant and mobile. It also gives the staff help to raise the citizen from the chair to improve the assistants work environment

Target group

Disabled citizens with different kinds of disabilities regarding ability to walk.

Impact for citizen

The normal comfortable rest chair (living chair) is transformed into an electric wheelchair.
With focus on aesthetic and design.
The citizen will be able to move around in their own home without assistance. The chair will assist the citizen to raise and stand-up.
The kip will give the citizen the possibility to change seating position to un-load and change the pressure on the same part of the body.

Impact for staff

The carers wil be assisted in helping the citizen to raise, which will avoid damage and load of their back and body.
The assistance provided by the chair will reduce the need for assistance for the citizen and some of the tasks where 2 people are needed for assistance. One wil do.

Economic impact 

Cost of product

Between DKK 60-80.000,- excl VAT depending on configuration and components in solution.

Life expectancy of product

+10 years.

Other costs of acquisition and setup

A service contract can be purchased in addition to the guarantee provided in the buy.

Expected annual costs

Service contract price will be 10-20% of total price for solution.

Special requirements

Is the product for personal use or can it be used by (how) many people?

The product is primary for personal use, but all can use the chair.

Is the product intended for training purposes?

The product is not invented for training purpose, but disabled citizens will be able to use it for rehabilitation and training in stand-up.

How much time is needed for the user or staff to get to know how to use of the product?

The product is delivered with a training video and a professional phsysiotherapist can be contacted for instructions.
The product comes with a dashboard with detailed user instructions.

Has the product been presented before at other exhibitions or venues?

No, this is the product launch.

Experiences from practice (examples)

None at the time.

Cases stories