Chart that illustrates the data sent to Gillie AI, the analysis, and the insight used by care organization

Monitors the condition of customers in home care and assisted living facilities and helps care providers anticipate changes in the customer’s condition and uses them to predict upcoming deviations. Early intervention improves customer well-being and reduces the need for care.

Gillie utilizes unstructured clinical notes for the analysis, but can also use IoT vital sign device data, home intelligence solution data (e.g. intelligent floors/doors/windows), EHR data for medication, diagnostic information, laboratory results etc. in the analysis. Gillie AI can also check for symptoms which could be e.g. medication side-effects.

Gillie also concluded in a study that it can predict with its AI engine 50% of patient’s emergency center risk.

Today Gillie has ca. 15-20 customers utilizing the Gillie AI solution in Finland and is the market leader in AI solutions for elderly home care. The customers are typically hospital districts, municipalities, cities, and private care companies. Gillie has started to export the AI solution abroad 2019, and the solution is now tested and verified to the international market in UK for example.


Analyze unstructured nursing communication notes into automatic care assessment improving customer well-being and reducing the need for care.

Target group

Elder care, home care, care homes

Impact for citizen

Elder care providers will get automatic care assessment of the elder customers, allowing them better to tend for the elder’s real needs, and react timely if needed. This allows elder citizens to live safely at home longer.

Impact for staff

Care providers for elders will get care assessment done for their patients at all times. The unstructured nursing daily notes are taken into use and analyzed. This provides also a more meaningful feedback of the nursing daily work and its impact. As there are many carers per patient per week, the AI keeps track of patient’s condition at all times and gives a good tool to check for specific care actions and support.

Economic impact

Gillia AI gives care personnel automatic care assessment of patients daily allowing them to plan their nursing rotation and tasks in an optimal manner. This saves time and resources when tending for the elders.
As Gillie AI can predict 50% of the patients’ emergency center risk, preventive actions can be taken in time to prevent this risk happening – according to a study, ca. half of these patients could have been prevented with an early intervention. According to this study in Finland it has substantial saving opportunity for the municipality.

Also - in using Gillie IoT platform, various home IoT devices can be integrated to be part of one system and UI, which helps care staff to focus on the important information rather than different systems and their UI. This not only saves time, but also increases quality as relevant information is in one place. In case the care provider has an IoT platform in use, or prefers to use their own UI, it does not prevent them using Gillie AI, as it is fully cloud API based, and can provide the level of information needed.

Cost of product

Depending on the case and used integrations appr. 5 € per month per patient for a continuous monitoring of home care patients.
Please check latest pricing on our website.

Life expectancy of product

Cloud based application being updated at all times.

Other costs of acquisition and setup

Implementation, training, consultation fees upon customer needs.

Expected annual costs

Depends on the case and volume.  Gillie is sold as “AI as a Service”. Please see our website for pricing.

Special requirements

Adaptation to Gillie Open API.

Is the product for personal use or can it be used by (how) many people?

Product is intended for professional care organization use.

Is the product intended for training purposes?

Product can be used for training purposes and Gillie has a subsidized licensing model.

How much time is needed for the user or staff to get to know how to use of the product?

As the AI produced care assessment categories (signs of depression, dementia, cognitive failure, pain etc.) are similar to what the care providers are used to using daily the take-off is typically very quick.
Gillie UI is easy to understand and is being used by many care providers in Finland. Also the AI elements can be embedded to the current care IT solution upon customers choice.

Has the product been presented before at other exhibitions or venues?

The product is in use in Finland. In Denmark the product has been shown to key customer and partner prospects directly.

Experiences from practice (examples)

  • Finland: Jari Renko, CIO of Apotti: "One of the interesting companies is, with which we have examined possibilities to tap the potential of artificial intelligence in the future in social welfare services as well, says Renko. can use AI to find weak signals related to health and the ability to function within the free-form visit entries in home care, and this helps social welfare professionals in their day-to-day work to anticipate challenges related to customers’ well-being and their ability to cope at home".
  • Finland: Hospital District of South Ostrobothnia: ❝The aim is to recognize, as early on as possible, any changes in health and the ability to function that make living at home more difficult. Gillie’s artificial intelligence analyzes visit entries and highlights any deviations, e.g. depression, dizziness, changes in activeness.❞
  • Finland: Tomi Tikkanen, SiunSote, Development Specialist: "When our employees have written the reports, the Gillie AI software goes through the text and draws different types of conclusions based on it. Our home care employees' daily work is now easier. Without this kind of an intelligent platform, it would be impossible to do these things."

Cases stories (provide links or the like)

Customer testimonial videos from Finland:
Finland, North Karelia Central Hospital (responsible for social and elder care)
Finland, Päijät-Häme Social and Health Care Group