A software solution offering an engaging and personalized motor-cognitive training for the senior population. It offers a variety of gamified activities and a virtual guide to engage users in more effective training and increase user’s motivation and therapy adherence through training sessions.


The aim of the StayFitLonger is to develop a program of physical and cognitive exercises, and social interaction activities for seniors at home. This program is accessible through a mobile application including a virtual guide and gamification to boost adherence to the program. To validate the effects of the program, a randomized controlled trial is undergoing in Switzerland, Belgium and Canada including 128 healthy seniors aged 60 and over.

Target group

Healthy seniors at home
Impact for citizen (In which way will the everyday life of the user be impacted by the product). Thanks to its links to everyday life, StayFitLonger aims to extend the independence of seniors living at home.

Impact for staff

Economic impact

StayFitLonger is designed to support active, healthy and independent living for older adults, while preventing and delaying the onset and progression of frailty symptoms, which will reduce hospital visits and healthcare expenses.

Cost of product


Life expectancy of product


Other costs of acquisition and setup


Expected annual costs


Special requirements


Is the product for personal use or can it be used by (how) many people?

Personal use.

Is the product intended for training purposes?


How much time is needed for the user or staff to get to know how to use of the product?

20 min.

Has the product been presented before at other exhibitions or venues?

Yes, WCPT (World Conference for Physical Therapy).

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