Making it possible – accurately and quickly – to localize persons with dementia, to guarantee safety in an emergency. Otiom creates safety in the everyday life, for both people with dementia and their relatives. In contrast to typical GPS trackers, Otiom does not perform surveillance constantly. Therfore, Otiom only localizes when it is necessary. In this way, it is possible to move freely without being tracked, but with the right to be found if it is necessary.

Purpose of product

Secures a quick and precise localization for persons with dementia.

Target group

People with dementia and their relatives.

Impact for citizen

Gives people with dementia the freedom to continue their daily activities without being worried about whether they can find their way home. At the same time the tracking device ensures relatives can always find and help the person if need be.

Impact for staff

Time saving and trust in product usability.

Economic impact

Cheaper to buy and cheaper in current costs. There is also a saving in man hours, because Otiom holds a charge with 10 times greater efficiency than a GPS device. The technology also enhances the signal 30 times.

Cost of product

DK: Subscription 299 DKK/month or One-Time 2.999 DKK.
EU: Subscription 29€/month or One-Time 299€.

Life expectancy of product

Minimum 10 years.

Other costs of acquisition and setup


Expected annual costs


Special requirements 


Is the product for personal use or can it be used by (how) many people?


Is the product intended for training purposes?


How much time is needed for the user or staff to get to know how to use of the product?

5 min.

Has the product been presented before at other exhibitions or venues?


Experiences from practice (examples)

Field test. Otiom is developed as a part of a private and public project between the company Acubit, municipalities, educational institutions and interest groups within dementia. The collaboration was started to create a localization device that is tailor-made to the needs that persons with dementia has, with the main focus on precision, safety and usability.

We focus on action in the early stage of the situation that turns the world upside down for the both the person who gets dementia and the relatives. With Otiom, it is possible to secure freedom for the user, meanwhile their family stays calm on an everyday basis.

Cases stories

Youtube film (in Danish) where some of the people involved in the development describe what they think of the process and the product.