The user gets trained fine and coarse motor skills, cognitive abilities, collaboration and reminiscence. The precise sensor system means that objects react immediately to the user's movements, which regardless of mental level gives an experience of interaction. In addition to interacting with hands or feet, the user can also use a flashlight, a ball, a broom, etc. and there can be more than one for an activity. Besides the fixed 350 activities, you can with a software package create your own custom activities, with the user's own material, such as pictures, video and sound. Folders can also be created for e.g. each user or groups where the activities can be copied to suit the user or where their own customized activities lies. OmiVista Mobii is available as a mobile device that can easily be transported around. There is also the option of a fixed ceiling unit in OmiVista Install.


  • Exercise motor skills and coordination.
  • Strengthen and preserve the cognitive abilities.
  • Create community and shared experiences.
  • "Awaken" the demented and find the window for conversation and development.
  • Reminiscence, work with the known life through movement.
  • It encourages social activity

Target group

  • All care centers with dementia section.
  • All institutions for the physically and mentally handicapped.
  • All rehabilitation and rehabilitation centers.

Impact for citizen

  • Maintain and improve fine and coarse motor skills, eye-hand coordination.
  • Maintain cognitive level.
  • Increase opportunities for active interaction with others.
  • Experience joy, enthusiasm and laughter.
  • Provide the opportunity with physical activity to descend on "Memory Lane" with own material.

Impact for staff

  • With OmiVista Mobii it is possible to get a contact to- and see sides of the citizen that one might not have experienced before
  • Is well suited to arouse the citizen
  • Can be used as an anxiety or restless suppressor
  • Can be used as a diversion
  • Facilitates the activation of both the individual citizen and together with others

Economic impact

  • OmiVista Mobii can give joy, experience and physical and mental stimulation.
  • It is an investment of the citizen's well-being and development.
  • It can be used to diagnosis a citizen's condition as to what the citizen sees or can see, thinks, remembers or what the citizen can physically do.
  • It can train and encourage movements that are normally a challenge to the citizen

Cost of product

OmiVista Mobii kr. 98.500,- DKK excl. VAT inclusive delivery.

Life expectancy of product

Omi Vista Mobii does not contain wearing parts and is as such a very long lasting product. The main hardware is computer and projector, which has a long lifetime.

Other costs of acquisition and setup

There is no additional cost for using OmiVista Mobii. For the fixed ceiling unit OmiVista Install there can be some installation costs.

Expected annual costs

There are no expected annual costs. The software belongs to the user and there are no servicelicenses or fees to be paid.

Special requirements

Omivista Mobii should be used on a floor or table and in as dark a room as possible. The projected image is min. 2.0 x 1.2 meters and max 3.0 x 2.0 meters. The projected image from a fixed ceiling unit OmiVista Install can be up to 6.0 meters wide.

Is the product for personal use or can it be used by (how) many people?

Omivista Mobii can be used by one and up to 4-5 persons.

Is the product intended for training purposes?

Yes among other things, OmiVista Mobii can be used for mental and physical training, entertainment, and investigation of the citizen's condition and motor skill.

How much time is needed for the user or staff to get to know how to use of the product?

The OmiVista is very simple to use. After 5 min. of introduction in how to turn it on and use the remote control, you are going. Use is very intuitive. At delivery we give an introduction to the OmiVista Mobii.

Has the product been presented before at other exhibitions or venues?

The OmiVista interactive floor and table concept has been shown at fairs since 2014. The fairs have been e.g. Dementia conference Nyborg, Rehab conference Copenhagen, SMART trade fair Syddjurs Kommune and different municipality technology fairs.

Experiences from practice

  • We can see that OmiVista Mobii creates joy, community and cognitive stimulation.
  • The citizens who were often difficult to motivate in physic activities participate and are sometimes the most active
  • OmiVista Mobii participates in a project for interactive technologies for cognitive stimulation therapy for dementia by Syddjurs Municipality, Region Midtjylland MTIC and VIA University College

Cases stories

See references on our website (in English).