3 Cell-Cycle Alternating Zero Pressure Air Mattress replacement system with lateral rotation unctions
NoDec® WIZARD is a unique 3 cell-cycle ‘zero pressure’ dynamic support surface that provides both pressure injury prevention and reduces the risk of infective chest complications in completely immobile patients. The mattress design of NoDec® WIZARD is based upon unique V-shaped air-cells which provide complete pressure elimination.

The NoDec® WIZARD offers three different ‘therapy methods’ in one system

  • a 3 cell-cycle alternating zero pressure air-mattress,
  • a lateral rotation mattress/tilt
  • and a combined 3 cell-cycle alternating zero pressure cycle air mattress with lateral rotation functions.

The tilt function provides lateral rotation therapy on either a continuous or a programmed 6 hour basis. The slow and controlled tilt transfers body support laterally changing contact points, as well as assisting with pulmonary functions and reducing manual handling. The mattress also uses solenoid valves to increase airflow efficiency in and out of the cells, whilst vacuum assisted deflation quickly reduces interface pressure over the off-loaded cells to create a reactive hyperaemic response in the deep tissues surrounding the bony prominences.
The NoDec® WIZARD mattress has 20 arrow shaped air-cells placed transversely with two reinforced, permanently inflated cells running lengthwise at the edges to protect against patient falls and assist when transferring from bed. Selecting a lateral rotation program gently inclines the patient left or right and the permanently inflated cells act as protective bolsters keeping the patient away from the mattress edges.

Purpose of product

Preventing pressure ulcers in the high risk group, and healing pressure ulcers up and to category 4.

Target group

Recommended for

  • Bedridden patients with high risk for developing pressure ulcers.
    • Care demanding persons, f.eg. ALS, Sclerosis, Spinal cord damaged, demented etc.
    • Respirator users
    • Immobile persons in risk of developing lung infection.
    • For persons that have developed pressure ulcers.

With a recommended user weight from 30 kg. to 250 kg. makes the mattress suitable for both very small and large persons.
Can be used preventative and for a user with grade 1-4 pressure ulcer.

Impact for citizen

Patient Safety and Comfort

  • Touch screen display enables one touch program selection for both pressure area management and lateral rotation therapy
  • Ergonomic patient management unit with touch screen, automatically adjusts cell pressures to patient weight and changes in body position
  • Comfort control with three pressure settings allows adjustment to suit individual patient comfort or clinical requirement
  • In the event of a power failure, the mattress remains inflated for at least 6-8 hours depending on the weight of a patient
  • Permanently inflated side formers provide a firm mattress edge to ensure patient safety and support during bed exits or transfers to trolley or chair

The slow and controlled turning function ensures change of position on-time, releases the vulnerable places of the body and supports the lung function.

The mattress brings pressure relief, comfort and ease to the patient, and allows them to be more in depended from the care givers during night and get a better night’s sleep as nightly disturbance due to turning are reduced.

Impact for staff

Reduces the care givers handling when repositioning the patients. Eases the staff hard work and time pressure.

Additional Nursing Support

  • Impressive tilt facility to allow patients to be gently turned onto their side
  • The mattress pump automatically adapts to the users weight and position in bed.
  • Fast deflation through Rapid Release CPR valv
  • Intuitive touch screen display allows easy control of mattress functions
  • Static mode provides firm and stable surface for essential nursing procedures such as physiotherapy, wound dressing and changing bed linen
  • Static mode automatically reverts to Alternating Mode after 120 minutes
  • Maximum Inflate mode quickly produces a firm surface for nursing procedures or for bed exits or transfers to chair or trolley
  • Transport mode facilitates bed movement without patient risk
  • Audible and visual alarm provides peace of mind for nursing staff
  • Cable management system ensures power cable is safely and securely retained off the floor
  • V-Lock system prevents the power cord from being accidently unplugged
  • Control panel automatically locks out after 2 minutes of inactivity
  • Clearly marked foot end to aid correct positioning of patient
  • Can be combined with a electrically turning system (Vendlet or TurnAid)

Reduces the care givers handling when repositioning the patients. Eases the staff hard work and time pressure.

Economic impact

  • Significant deduction of labor expenses per hour in the turning and/or position situations.
  • Decrease in work injuries for the staff, less work pressure means less days the staff is sick.
  • Decrease in cost consuming pressure ulcers treatment. Reducing the treatment- and recovery time for pressure ulcers.

Cost of product

42,200 DKK.

Life expectancy of product

10 years.

Other costs of acquisition and setup


Expected annual costs

  • A yearly service checkup. Can be done by the technical staff at the hospital/institution after a short training.
  • Regular cleaning of mattress (can be washed in a industrial washing machine up to max 85 degrees for 10 min, and pump (tolerates cleaning and disinfection with normal cleaning and disinfection products.

Special requirements

Care- or hospital bed. Access to electricity 230V

Is the product for personal use or can it be used by (how) many people?

For personal use. Can be reused.

Is the product intended for training purposes?


How much time is needed for the user or staff to get to know how to use of the product?

1 ½ -2 hours for the staff.

Has the product been presented before at other exhibitions or venues?


Experiences from practice (examples)

Course for need for an aid. The person has sclerosis and dementia. She is very externalizing, hits out, bites and kicks, and she is being nursed in bed. She has big wounds at the behind that don’t want to heal. It is planned to give her vacuum treatment, but it hasn’t been possible due to her behavior. She sleeps purely at night and are being interrupted by the many turning during night. She seems tired during day.
Product/aid: NoDec Wizard as a solution suggestion.
Issue: Pain. Dementia. Lack of sleep. Poor life quality.
Treatment goals: Reduction of wounds – less pain. Better and improved sleep = more surplus = better behavior.
Person factors: Lack of sleep (interrupted by turning) creates disturbances and externalizing behavior. Wounds that doesn’t heel courses pain.
Timeframe: 14 days test of NoDec Wizard
• Better healing of wounds. There have been no changes in the care and treatment of the wounds in the test period.
• She sleeps during the turning made by the mattress.
• She is calmer in the nursing situation at night, and accepts the turnings there is.
• She hasn’t beaten, spitted or been crying during the test period.
• She hasn´t been externalizing during the test period.
• In general, her sleep has been more cohesive.
• She is more awake during daytime.

Cases stories

Case: Bent Bentsen (alias)
Wife recounts:"I am very happy that the mattress NoDec Wizard has been granted, as it is a true winner.
After we talked last time, we have made a routine, where Bent is being turned on the side (alternately right and left) with both systems of the mattress running.
Weather this is the reason, that his bedsore is now almost healed (better than for many month) is difficult to say, but one thing is for sure, Bent now can lay on the sides – like recommended by the physiotherapist – without risk of getting bedsore on hips and shoulders.
Other than that, his overall well being has improved, both he and I sleeps better (less disturbances during night) – so it is an overall win-win situation.
As mentioned, the bedsore on the tailbone is almost gone, now we just need to get the entire skin area around it to look better – it looks a bit friable, but at a smaller surface than before.
It is OK for us to close both testing of wheelchair and mattress – we are happy with both – really life quality improving!"